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How to use

Ecological, bioethanol fireplaces will heat up your space with the use of Bioethanol or Ethyl alcohol (CH3-CH2-OH). They are both odourless and colourless and are produced by the fermenting of sugar, whereby, during the burning process, there is an emission of water vapor and the slightest amount of carbon dioxide, without any traces of toxic or dangerous substances being emitted, that could prove harmful to the human body.

The bioethanol is placed in a specified fuel tank which is situated inside the fireplace hearth, producing a flame when lit with a gas lighter.

The heat given off by the flames, is enough to heat an area of 20-40 squared meters and the energy produce can reach up to 4KW. The average consumption of bioethanol works out to an average of 4 hours / liter and can reach up to 6 hours / liter if the intensity of the flame is lowered.

Warning: Do not refill fuel box when it is hot or with flame. Before you lit the fuel box, Clean up the surface of it from biofuel.