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How to use

Ecological, bioethanol fireplaces could both heat up a room and offer you a warm, peaceful environment with the use of Bioethanol or Ethyl alcohol (CH3-CH2-OH). They are both odourless and colourless and produced by the fermenting of sugar. During the burning process, there is an emission of water vapor and the slightest amount of carbon dioxide, without any traces of toxic or dangerous substances being emitted, that could prove harmful to the human body.

Assembly & Installation

It is recommended at least 2 people install the fireplace. Make sure the fireplace is mounted on a solid wall with non-flammable material on the wall. Firstly, remove all packing and wrapping material before assembly.

1. It is recommended to mount the brackets into the studs of the wall. if there isn' t a stub, use drywall anchors to mount the brackets. mount the top brackets first. Make sure the mounting brackets are level. Drill a hole into the wall.Place the anchors into the hole. Place the brackets over the anchor and screw through the bracket into the anchors.

2.Measure the distance between the top holes and the bottom holes in the back of the fireplace.

3. Mount the bottom brackets based on the distance between the top and bottom holes in the back of the fireplace.

4.Drill a hole into the wall for the bottom bracket then put the drywall anchor into the wall.

5.Place bottom bracket over the anchor in the wall and screw through the bracket into the anchors.

6.Have 1 person hold the fireplace over the mounted brackets while the 2nd person insert the screw and washers. through the holes into the brackets.

7. Make sure the wall fireplace is mounted with topside up. Fuel canister will not tip over in fuel can holder if the fireplace is topside up.

8. Make sure the fireplace is securely mounted to the wall before adding fuel (bioethanol).

*Free standing fireplaces is fully assembled and no mounting is required.

Starting up

-Fill the reservoir container with ethanol fuel, up to the maximun 2/3 rds of each burner. It is important to use a funnel in order to avoid any spilling of the fuel. Long lighters are ideal. Spilled bioethanol must be removed with an absorbent tissue and cleaned with water to prevent ignition outside the burner reservoir.

-The flame will light slowly at first. Please allow 15 minutes to reach the optimum temperature and flame height.

-The heat given off by the flames, is enough to heat an area of 20-40 squared meters and the energy produce can reach up to 4KW. The average consumption of bioethanol works out to an average of 4 hours / liter and can reach up to 6 hours / liter if the intensity of the flame is lowered.

Warning: Do not refill fuel box when it is hot or with flames. Before you lit the fuel box, Clean up the surface of it from biofuel.

Also the fuel should be stored at room temperatureto facilitate its ignition. Fuel must be kept in safe distance to the fireplace. Do not place fuel in front of the fireplace.


- Never pour fuel into the burning flame

- Allow the burner to cool down for at leat 15 minutes before refilling

-To refill , follow instructions.


-Never extinguish the flame with water

-Let the fuel burn out completely if possible. This prevent alcohol left in the reservoir and deflagration when reigniting.

-If you wish to extiguish the flame before the fuel has completely burned out. Please use the fire killer to fully close the opening of the burner and wait until the flame extiguished. Wait approximately 30 minutes until the burner has reached room temperature.

-In case of the flame is not extinguished immediately. Please close the cover and wait app. 10-15 to allow the flame to cool down. Repeat the above instruction until the flame is fully extinguished.