An bioethanol fireplace is actually a quite simple construction, and because of the fuel (denatured ethanol) – there is no need for a chimney or massive installation. Since it doesn't need a chimney, it's a mobile fireplace. Having an ethanol fireplace is great in many ways: if you move you can take it with you, if you change the decor, you can move your bioethanol fireplace, you can take it out on the patio – and many more.

No dangerous fume

The bioethanol fireplace doesn't give off smoke & flue gas when burning. So, it doesn't need a chimney – the fuel is so clean that the final product of the flame is a very small amount of water and carbon dioxide (and don't be afraid, you won't get wet walls or suffocate, see the Con about oxygen for more info).

From ashes to… Nothing!

Having such a clean flame also gives other benefits. Of course you don't get any ashes as the remaining liquid vaporize, but another thing is soot. You won't get any soot on your walls or ceilings. The only places we ever se soot is where the flame touch, and even then it's a very very little amount (did i emphasize the little part enough? – it's basically nothing!).

Easy to use and install it

While the traditional fireplace is requiring you to chop wood, drag it inside and struggle with ignition – the use of bioethanol fireplace is just much simpler. You simply take an bioethanol bottle, pour the ethanol into the burner and ignite it with a long lighter. The flames will come in a matter of minutes, and sometimes even seconds. That means you're able to turn it on just before greeting guests or surprising the loved ones.



 Uninterruptible power supply is not possible. If we want to refill it while it has already run out of fuel, we will have to wait 15-20 minutes until its combustion tank cools down.

 In addition, the fuel supply has a small network of outlets. The sale of bioethanol for fireplaces is a relatively new field of activity in the Greek market. You will not find bioethanol in stores selling other fuels but only in specialized stores selling biofireplaces.


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