New demands in regards to design and functionality of today's home, as well as the need to find alternative, non-polluting sources of energy, was an incentive for introducing these new age, ethanol fireplaces. Our company is engaged in the wholesale and retail business of ethanol fireplaces. Biofire ethanol fireplaces fireplaces are known for their high aesthetics and quality, a key characteristic of theirs being, that they do not "dry out" the surrounding atmosphere when lit, nor do they emit smoke fumes or odours. An innovative and functional proposal for your space, Biofire ecological bioethanol fireplaces are easy to install and require no chimney stack or air duct of any kind.

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The values and benefits of Biofire fireplaces

  1. As a company, our main principle is to keep outgoing costs low, whilst achieving a high level of standard. We have achieved this by promoting and selling our products online, resulting in lower prices, whilst sustaining a high level of quality in our products and services.
  2. Service and information is provided to our clients before and after a sale. We will also provide you with instructions and information for the installation of your ecological fireplace, meaning that no help of a specialized technician will be required.
  3. Our company obtains an ISO 9001: Quality management system, ensuring a good working framework with a goal of providing consistent upgrading of our business and better client service.
  4. Biofire guarantee of quality and safe operation for 2 years
  5. All of our products obtain a CE certificate of safe operation and TUV certificate.

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