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Initially, a fireplace includes some instructions where depending on the manufacturer there may be differences in its use and operation. Whether it is new or used, if not used properly there are risks to its operation.


a) It is important to know the specifications of the fireplace we have or the past use of the fireplace, if it is used. Some parts or bioethanol burners need to be replaced after a few years. Usually burners double layers or box-in the-box do not need replacement. But even if it is not mentioned in detail in the instructions, we must always be careful and check the burner-burner for possible deformations or alterations. Ideally, as a precaution, replace the burner-burner. So we have nothing to fear over the years.

b) Some combustion vessels do not have the specifications to use 100% bioethanol as fuel. So if we do not know its specifications it is better to use 95% to 96.6% bioethanol or Bionlov bioethanol which has undergone a secondary purification process and is the best possible quality.

c) The indication of fuel capacity varied from fireplace to fireplace. The outside of the container may be 1.5L in size but the appropriate capacity should not be 2/3 of the container but much smaller. This is because some fireplaces include ceramic rock or ceramic wool, which varies its liquid capacity. If more liquid is placed than appropriate, because the liquid expands with its combustion and there is a risk of overflow. In any case it is good to ask the seller or the manufacturer of the fireplace.

For any other question you have with your Ethanol Fireplace, contact the manufacturer or its seller.


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